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About Anna

Anna Parker is the director of Sophia Wisdom Centre. She has had a lifelong passion for exploring the mystical spiritual paths. Like a river flowing to the ocean, her exploration has coursed through the Goddess tradition, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism and landed in Sufism, recognising that all paths flow Toward the One.  She loves to bring the sacredness and knowledge of these practices to her ceremonies and gatherings.


Anna is a Dance leader and offers mentorship within the organisation called Dances of Universal Peace These are a form of dance, inspired by the sacred spiritual traditions of the world which uses movement and song honouring the  One in the Many. The aim is to cultivate peace and healing within and without and to bring joy for the upliftment of humanity.


Anna travels the world learning and facilitating these Dances and has a regular circle in her home town of Mullumbimby NSW. 

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