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Birthing the Christ Sophia

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I have recently had an interview with Cindy from Evolving Women to release a message from the Magdalenas this Christmas. The interview has been released on Sunday 22nd Dec 2019 at This comes from my experience as an interfaith minister and a facilitator of workshops around the theme of Mary Magdalene.

I have been inspired to do a practice from the chant Rahme M'sheeha page 25 of Dancing with the Daughter and the Mother by Amina Linda McMakin .

The purpose? to open my heart space to greater possibilities of birthing the Christ essence within.

  1. Practice:

  2. Inhale : Rahme M'sheeha Aramaic ( may the love , mercy and compassion of the Christ be born in you)

  3. Exhale: Ama aima Hebrew invoking the primordial Creator mother also known as the Sophia

  4. Rest in the no breathe before you inhale again....and observe the effects

  5. Imagine your connection with Yeshua and Magdalene as a golden sphere enveloping the 3 of you and be in their presence.

  6. This is a reading from "St. Mary Magdalene, the Gnostic tradition of the Holy Bride" by Tau Malachi. Sayings of Mary no 138 Mary said to her disciples" Of all things I wish you to have the Sacred Heart of Christ which is compassion. For compassion is the womb of the Mother in which Christ is conceived and in this Christ will be born in you. Pray to the Mother Spirit to have her womb and to conceive and birth the anointed in you. I will pray for you always."

  7. A possible attunement : The birthing of Christ,is now to be found in the collective womb of both womankind and mankind. The Magdalene Essence or Christ Sophia is the recognition of this balance of male and female:a gateway to find the divinity in all things, the light and the dark. It is loving all expressions of creation and form, as a mother or father loves their newborn child.. It is expanding the heart's capacity to love and embrace all things...Zebunissa Anna Sophia

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