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Dancing with Mary Magdalene in New Zealand

Hidden Illumined One:

The above video is 22 minutes long and a powerful distillation of Mary Magdalene's essence. Have a peek if you haven't seen it yet and share with others.

It is a good historical introduction to Mary Magdalene.

Below is a link which suggests that Mary Magdalene should she have been the first pope. Mary had the capacity to be in the Holiest of Holies of the temple where only the high priestesses/priests could bear the intensity of light. The apostle Peter was relegated to the outer sanctuary . Interesting...


The above photo is with Arniya (Nukvah Havah, the daughter of Eve is her anointed name) . Arniya was my constant companion during my time in New Zealand and the Magdalene journey and I so appreciate her healing, psychic abilities and friendship. Here we are at the Women's gathering in Te Moata which was a real hoot! Totally nurturing, healing and inspiring. Our next anointing will include hands and feet for sure! The oils cleanse our etheric and other bodies!

And here I am with Sajida (Maryma) , who hosted the Titirangi MM event in New Zealand after the Universal Worship to the Great Mother. We had an inspirational time together with powerful women, working on healing the split between the masculine and feminine.

.Thank you Angela (Mariam Florence) for bringing the Apple Tree homoeopathic that we shared in ritual. Angela is on the bottom left corner of the photo below with the other beloveds of Mary Magdalene. The Apple Tree remedy helps to heal any separation in our psyches with the masculine and has far reaching effects.

Facebook: There is a page started by Amina Linda McMakin, the originator of the Mary Magdalene Dances , called "Dancing with Mary Magdalene", that you are welcome to join in. Amina's dances of Mary Magdalene first came through in 2009 and she has now published three CD's and booklets of the dances. She lives in South Carolina, USA, runs regular workshops, and made me an emissary of her work in 2018.

Her website is

Here is a beautiful photo of Amina:

Healing the Mother Wound: This is a course I have just started that goes over 10 days...very reasonably priced and can be found at The more healing we can do on ourselves the more light and love we can share with others! and with ourselves.

Another valuable resource book is " The New Divine Feminine" by Meghan Don , a spiritual evolution for a Woman's Soul. Her website has a lot of videos and information. Meghan is a mystic and an initiate in the Sophian Lineage. Meghan runs regualr online courses . Her website is

Here are some inspirational words from Hazrat Inayat Khan at the women's retreat in Titirangi:

And lastly here is a beautiful poem from the Magdalene card (the Toni Salerno pack):

Go forth and be true to yourself Dare to be different To make mistakes Create, for it is in creation that you exist In a world full of dreams that stem from your heart In oneness, love and hatred Wonder and awe, softness and pain, joy and light. In the stillness the unknown awaits A void wanting to be filled. Step into it with courage and strength Like a budding rose reaching for the light Love will lead you to greener pastures Keep your pockets full of dreams For life is a test of faith. Allow your light to shine There is no beginning or end, there is only love.

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