• Anna Parker

Sacred Activism Meditation

This meditation comes from the work of David Nicol, author of Subtle Activism, who created a group practice from which this meditation is adapted. The idea was for folk to meet at the same time globally every Saturday. Majida from Auckland, another Sufi sister and I have been doing this meditation with folk from Australia, NZ and the USA at 9am Sydney time .

I was inspired to make a recording for those who wish to be part of the Uluru Solstice Activation 9.04pm NT on Monday 21st December, which is 10.34pm Sydney . The meditation is only 16 minutes long. The suggestion is to sing sacred songs, chants, dances etc for an hour beforehand. During the time of meditation

face Uluru and focus the light network you are creating on Uluru, where the indigenous folk will be doing ritual and activations to assist the planetary consciousness. You may do this meditation at any other time to assist focusing on healing the heart of the Mother, our beautiful Gaia.

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