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What is the meaning of Sophia?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The Great Mother

Sophia is a Greek Name meaning “wisdom”. She is the feminine aspect of God, the Great Mother. Her voice has been suppressed through the ages and is now being re-awakened. Sophia is also known as Isis, the black Goddess of Wisdom, Inanna the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Kali the Dark Mother, Kwan Yin, the mother of Compassion and Mary Magdalene, the Daughter of Holy Wisdom.

In Hebrew Mary Magdalene, who was called the Apostle of the Apostles and the Bride of Light (Kallah) is also called “Nukva Hokhmah”: daughter of wisdom. She embraces both the dark and light aspects of being.

There is a saying no 110 that states:

"Mary said to her disciples Kali Kallah, appears black to those who do not know her, yet to those who draw near she is white brilliance. Her image is as the starry night sky, and the light of the heavens and Supernal Abode are in her. To pass beyond you must enter her embrace, even as the Lord embraced her. From “The Secret gospel of Mary Magdalene”

Tau Malachi

The Gnostic tradition teaches us that the Way of Mary Magdalene is primarily experiential.

“Wisdom has built her house of seven pillars. She has prepared a feast and invites us to come, eat my food and drink my wine … Live and walk in ways of understanding… if you are wise you are wise for yourself” adapted from Proverbs 9: 1-6, 12.

The sanctuary of the heart is the Holy Grail of our being, the place of light transmission, revealing Sacred Unity beyond duality, the place of sacredness, depicted in the logo used for the Sophia Wisdom Centre. It is a place found by cultivating the love in our hearts, embracing the light and the dark, the Mother of All. Some of the ways we can access her energy is through the power of silence, insight and intuition, through meditation, contemplation and through nature.

In the Sophian Gnostic teachings many would say that Mary Magdalene is the true Holy Grail, for it is in her that the fullness of Yeshua’s teachings were poured out.

Tau Malachi in his book on Mary Magdalene, says that the Second Coming will not transpire through a holy man. Rather it will occur through a holy woman…the soul of St. Mary Magdalene, the anointed Bride or a matrix of the Christ -presence embodied by a number of holy women and men alike.

This will be the Sophia Christos: a recognition of the Christ in female form and then the Christ revelation will be complete.

This is why we named our centre Sophia Wisdom in recognition of the Great Mother.

Sophia-Logue by Meghan Don

I am She who exists before all time

In time eternity you will know my Face

In timeless eternity you will find me

There is nothing that I am not

There is nothing that exists apart from me

She who holds fast to me

Will know me

He who desires me

Will be set free

I am a Mind like no other

There are answers and no answers at all

I am the Mystery that hides Herself

And She who reveals the spoken power

I am the roundness of the world

I spread myself wide

And take all into me

"Artwork: "Divinity" by Sara Egan

I give birth to my Daughter Wisdom

Renewing my legacy through the ages

I am the light and the dark

I am the strong and the weak

I am born and unborn

You who know me know joy of the heart

And radiance of mind

I am in the dawn and the dusk

I am in the bar-room brawl

The Temple of Light

The prayer of prostration

The calloused hand of unspoken love – I am there

You will recognize me in the Light

You will know me in the Dark

My tears you will taste

My descending is your ascent

I am the Light beyond the light

And the Darkness beyond the dark

You will find me in the Eternal Daughter

And as the Crone-Without-End

I am Sophia, your Mother

Take heed of your nature

Dance in my moonlight

And in the light of my sun

I rise for all the World to see

But few glance my way.

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